Just became known (make sure you sit securely in the chair and fastened): Yuri Stoyanov, four times winner of the TEFI award, confirmed his participation in the festival Jūras Pērle as the host. Another famous host, the legend of television screen Yuri Alexandrovich Nikolaev will come to the festival. By the piano - Levon Sarkisovich Oganezov. And by the DJ panel - the musical producer of the festival of the Theater, Music and Cinema ... (check again the seat belt, bring the chair to the upright position!) ... Maxim Isaakovich Dunaevsky, in person!   What's left over? Stoyanov is a master of sports in fencing, composes songs, is playing the guitar. Nikolayev professionally plays billiard and is a fan of aerobatics. He was between the first in Russia, who received a private pilot license. Then he also putted the Jakubovich on the plane. Oganezov is the inventor, the author of the patent "Electric Keyboard Musical Instrument." The invention allows you to instantly change the keyboard layout for right-handed and left-handed people. "Maxim Dunaevsky owns two records of Russia." He composed music for 64 movies (the performances are not counted) .The musical "Scarlet Sails" Dunaevsky composed for incomplete three days! He has not eaten or was not sleeping at all.