Second International Theater and Film Music Festival "Jūras Pērlee"


SIA "Amber Way" / theater and film music festival's "Jūras Pērle" (Hereinafter referred to as the Amber Way or the Jūras Pērle) online store user's rights and duties Your registration in Jūras Pērle online store serves as an acknowledgment that you agree to the above terms. This agreement between Jūras Pērle and USER comes into effect immediately after USER has registered successfully in Jūras Pērle online store.

    1. These terms, rights and duties establish mutual relations between SIA „Amber Way”, registered in Commercial Register of Republic of Latvia with unified registration number 40203054794, and a person (hereafter USER), who makes purchases in online store to buy tickets to the Events.
    2. By effecting the payment USER confirms that the purchase corresponds with his/her choice. Purchased tickets cannot be returned and will not be exchanged.
    3. Bought tickets are refunded and/or exchanged only if the event is cancelled.
    1. Jūras Pērle accepts responsibility only for sale of tickets to the events.
    2. In case of cancellation of the event, Jūras Pērle accepts full responsibility for purchased tickets in compliance with legislation of the Republic of Latvia.
    3. In case of cancellation, Jūras Pērle refunds only the nominal value of the ticket.
    4. Jūras Pērle does not undertake any responsibility for lost tickets. In case of loss, tickets will not be duplicated and no copies will be provided.
    5. Jūras Pērle is responsible for the content or the quality of the event if SIA "Amber Way" is the event organizer. Event organizer's name and Reg. No. It is indicated on the ticket.
    1. USER voluntarily agrees to provide personal information, which is required for purchase of the tickets in Jūras Pērle online store and for ticket delivery.
    2. USER himself is responsible for authenticity of personal information.
    3. Jūras Pērle utilizes the information provided by USER in his interest only. For third parties USER’s information is available only in cases specified by Law.
    4. USER can freely delete or edit the provided information.
    5. Username is a unique USER’s identifier. USER is responsible for the use of his username and/or password.
    1. USER performs ticket orders through the website and choosing the most desired tickets from the total offer.
    2. USER undertakes to provide the following information about himself by registering and making a purchase in Jūras Pērle online store: name, phone number, e-mail address.
    3. Immediately upon purchase of tickets and payment, the Jūras Pērle allows to USER download e-ticket and print it independently. Electronic ticket consists of two parts: image of the code and the text (information on concerts and other entertainment events, fourteen-digit code).
    1. Payment for orders occurs with the bank's card.
    2. Ticket price is shown on Jūras Pērle online store.
    3. Jūras Pērle is entitled to unilaterally change prices in the online store.
    4. USER must make the payment with the bank card that matches the user's name and surname. Jūras Pērle has the right to require identity documents. If the payment order conditions are not met, the payment is not accepted and the order is canceled in accordance with Latvian legislation established procedure.
    5. Payment processing is carried out by AS Swedbank electronic payment systems via the Internet. Jūras Pērle is not responsible for disturbances in the electronic Payment System, errors, interruptions, payment authorization refusals and other conditions that disrupt the USER to make electronic payments partly or in full.
    6. By ordering and making a payment, the USER thereby accepts electronic settlement through AS Swedbank electronic payment system and to these rules.
    1. Jūras Pērle is aware and complies with all security requirements related to card data transfer and USER card data will not be stored, safety measures will be taken to prevent card data from reaching third parties / unauthorized persons.
    1. Jūras Pērle does not take the consequences for unwanted effects caused by the use of connected technical products.
    2. Jūras Pērle provides information about Event Organizer’s legal name and its unified registration number.
    3. In case of unauthorized use of the System Jūras Pērle denies the access to the online shop.