Second International Theater and Film Music Festival "Jūras Pērlee"

31 July and 01 August in Dzintari concert hall will be held the International Theater and Film Music Festival JŪRAS PĒRLE. International Theater and Film Music Festival JŪRAS PĒRLE is the first festival dedicated exclusively to music written specifically for the films, musicals and performances. Viewers will be able to enjoy the atmosphere of different types of art synthesis, to hear the songs performed by the actors who played roles in films/musicals/performances, and artists who performed them "behind the scene". During the song performances, fragments from films/ serials/ musicals will be demonstrated,  as well as the scenery will change on stage and theatrical performances will take place. Unfortunately, not all actors have a professional vocal talent, but all songs will be performed only in live and will be accompanied by a symphony orchestra/vocal-instrumental group. Some of the artists performed / perform solo concerts and their vocal abilities is not inferior to the professional singers. The atmosphere that will reign at the festival will allow viewers to experience not only strong emotional feelings but also leave a sweet "aftertaste" in the hall waiting for the next festival.     This year the audience will see and hear the following artists /singers/composers/producers (in alphabetical order by the last name): Vladas Bagdonas, Oleg Basilashvili, Mikhail Boyarsky, Maxim Dunaevsky, Ivars Kalnins, Igor Kornelyuk, Valeria Lanskaya, Viktor Lebedev, Irina Mazurkevich, Anton Makarsky, Vladimir Menshov, Maria Naumova, Sergei and Tatyana Nikitins, Levon Oganesov, Olga Pirags, Leonid Serebrennikov, Igor Sklyar, Yuri Stoyanov, Semen Strugachev, Dmitri Kharatyan and many others. On the first day of the festival, audience  will hear famous songs and fragments from both foreign films/musicals and also Latvian. The second day of the festival will be dedicated to the creative work of Andrey Mironov (In August of this year marks the 30th anniversary of his death  when it happened on the stage of Latvian National Opera and Ballet Theater), as well as of such famous composers as Maxim Dunaevsky, Victor Lebedev and Sergey Nikitin. There will be songs from such favorite movies as "D'Artagnan and the Three Musketeers", "Naval cadets, go ahead”, "Moscow does not believe in tears", and many others. On stage will be the composers themselves. After each day's performances in the concert hall of Dzintari, there will be held an After-party in the famous restaurant “Laivas” near the river Lielupe. On August 2nd, a VIP concert will be organized in the restaurant, with the participation of such artists as Igor Kornelyuk, Anton Makarsky and others. Beginning of the concert at 6:00 p.m. Invitations to After-party/VIP concert, as well as VIP tickets (at the tables in the hall and the restaurant upstairs) can be purchased on our website, or order by number +371 2424 0404. The other tickets can be purchased at the Bilešu Serviss ticket offices, as well as on the On August 3rd, within the framework of the project "Jūras Pērle", in the House of Congresses there will be a creative event dedicated to the upcoming 90th anniversary of producer Eldar Ryazanov. It's been 2 years since he passed away, but the memory of him and his films lives, probably, in everyone who has seen his films. Such wonderful artists as Alyona Babenko, Barbara Brylska, Larisa Golubkina,  Valentina Talizina, Oleg Basilashvili, Irina Mazurkevich, Svetlana Nemolyayeva, Sergey and Tatyana Nikitini will participate in the event. Levon Oganesov will be at the piano. The host of the evening will be a theater critic and film critic Vyacheslav Shmyrov, who had a long friendship with Eldar Ryazanov and this year holds many events in Russia in memory of the famous producer. The evening will be devoted to musical creativity of Ryazanov - Musical works sounding in his tragicomedies. Audience will also learn about Ryazanov as a talented poet and his role in writing songs. You will be able to hear songs performed by Sergey and Tatyana Nikitini, Oleg Basilashvili and Irina Mazurkevich from such films as "Say a word for the Poor Hussar", “The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath! ", "Romance at work", etc. From the mouth of the artists themselves, you will hear a truthful and interesting "behind the scenes" stories about the life of the great producer. The event will be held in an interesting and entertaining format.   Tickets can be purchased at the ticket offices of Bilešu Serviss, as well as on the website